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Coast Spas - Wellness II With Lounger 

This is the lounger version of the Wellness II swim spa. A single zone swim spa for exercise or training purposes. The Wellness II offers 3 great packages with combinations of River Jets and Round Swim Jets. Also features 3 individual seats and a lounger at the rear of the pool for rest or hydrotherapy. Swim teathers and exercise equipment is also available on the range, and comes as standard on the higher spec models. An all round great swim spa with an option to add Wellness III to provide dual zone hot tub. 
Seating - 4 Seats Including Lounger 
Water Capacity - 5000 Litres 
Dimensions - 384 x 229 x135cm / 151 x 90 x 53 inch 
Dry Weight - 593 KG 
Filled Weight - 4766 KG 

Available In 

Play Package 
17 Jet 
1 River Jet 
2 x 5HP Pumps 
From £12,995 
Performance Package 
27 Jet 
1 River Jet / 2 Round Swim Jets 
3 x 5HP Pumps 
From £14,995 
Performance Plus Package 
35 Jet 
2 River Jets / 1 Round Swim Jet 
4 x 5HP Pumps 
From £16,995 

Acylic Colour 

Sterling Marble 
River Jets 

Cabinet Options 

Clear Cedar 
Redwood Cedar 
Desert Sand Slate 
Stone Brown Slate 
Black Cedar 
Unstained Cedar 
Mountain Grey Slate 
Grey Cedar 
Chestnut Synthetic 
Obsidian Slate 
ISO 9001:2008 Information 
Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company. 
ISO 9001:2008 is an international set of Quality Management System standards that aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements. In addition, these standards allow organizations to demonstrate consistent and effective application of a system that includes processes geared towards continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity. 
It means that we have implemented a company-wide Quality Management System focused on Customer Satisfaction and Continual Improvement. ISO 9001:2008 has helped Coast Spas achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected throughout the world. 
Quality Statement 
Coast Spas is committed to providing customers with defect-free products. We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous improvement, targeted to perfection. Quality shall, in every case, take precedence over quantity. 
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