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Sunlighten mPulse - eMPOWER  

If you’re a discerning sauna enthusiast, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the mPulse eMPOWER infrared sauna – Sunlighten’s largest, most comfortable, and best infrared sauna to date! 
The eMPOWER, if you desire only the best sauna, nothing else compares in size, quality, and built-in technology like the eMPOWER infrared sauna. The details speak for themselves. 
The eMPOWER is the best infrared sauna Sunlighten offers. The eMPOWER comes equipped with a 7” LCD touch-screen and ergonomic floating benches. The eMPOWER features SoloCarbon Custom Spectrum infrared sauna heating technology capable of addressing a variety of research-backed health benefits. With FSC-certified wood (in Canadian cedar, hypo-allergenic basswood or teak), bamboo heater covers, and built with great energy efficiency, the eMPOWER in not only the best infrared sauna we offer but one of the most eco-friendly saunas on the market! 
Exterior - W 217cm x D 180cm x H 195cm* (Door Width 71cm) 
*Optional Hidden Feet add 5cm 
Interior - W 202cm x D 165cm x H 182cm (Bench Depth 55.5cm) 
17 Heaters - 4.87 M/Sq 
Weight - Up to 593 KG 
Electrical Connection 
220 V (17 Amp) 
23cm cord exits from left of base 
Basswood = £7779 
Canadian Cedar = £7850 
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