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Sunlighten mPulse - dISCOVER  

If you’re an outdoor sauna enthusiast, the Sunlighten dISCOVER infrared sauna will let you and up to three other family members or friends discover the health benefits of an infrared sauna that is both beautifully-designed and built with unmatched quality and intelligent technology that addresses comfort, style, and whole body needs. 
Considered the apex in saunas, the spacious mPulse dISCOVER full-spectrum infrared sauna system features 14 heaters covering 5,863 sq. inches and wrap-around corner doors for a unique feeling of outdoor sauna openness you’ll quickly appreciate and enjoy. 
With room for four and designed with an open styling, you will enjoy the outdoor sauna experience to its fullest and leave each session healthier and with a great sense of personal enlightenment. 
The mPulse dISCOVER sauna features a built-in biofeedback monitor, as well as a 7” state-of-the-art LCD touch-screen that allows you to access custom infrared heating programs, control lighting, and set session time and temperature. 
Exterior - W 179cm x D 179cm x H 195cm* (Door Width  
*Optional Hidden Feet add 5cm 
Interior - W 164cm x D 164cm x H 180cm (Bench Depth 55.5cm) 
14 Heaters - 3.78 M/Sq 
Weight - Up to 493  
Electrical Connection 
220 V (17 Amp) 
23 cm cord exits fromback left of base 
Basswood = £6780 
Canadian Cedar = £6995 
Eucalyptus = £7210 
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