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Sunlighten mPulse - aSPIRE 

The mPulse aSPIRE is the one-person full spectrum home sauna modest enough to fit into any room, but with interior space enough for complete comfort. For the full spectrum sauna enthusiast, the aSPIRE infrared sauna is built with unmatched quality and intelligent technology that addresses comfort and whole body needs. 
Along with the other models in the mPulse Full Spectrum Smart Sauna series, the aSPIRE home full spectrum sauna is built with FSC-Certified Wood (hypo-allergenic basswood, Canadian cedar or teak), Carbonized Bamboo Heater Cover Backrests (anti-bacterial), Ergonomic, Floating Benches (for comfort), and six robust infrared sauna heaters covering 3260 sq. inches. Like the other saunas in the mPulse series, the aSPIRE features a built-in biofeedback monitor, as well as a 7” LCD touch-screen. 
For amazing health benefits, comfort, and overall wellness, the aSPIRE full spectrum home sauna is the state-of-the-art full-spectrum infrared personal sauna that is revolutionizing how saunas are forever built and enjoyed. 
Exterior - W 111cm x D 106cm x H 195cm* (71cm door width)  
*Optional Hidden Feet add 2 inches. 
Interior - W 96cm x D 90cm x H 182cm ( bench depth 54.5cm) 
6 Heaters - 2.02 M/Sq 
Weight - Up to 258 KG 
Electrical Connection 
220V - 8Amp  
23cm cord exits back left of base. 
Basswood = £4250 
Canadian Cedar = £4395 
Eucalyptus = £4465 
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