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Patio Series - Optional Features 

Acrylic Upgrades 

Tuscan Sun 
Deep Waters 
Midnight Canyon 
Inca Gold 

Lighting Upgrades 

NorthStar Light 
Switch out the single colour bulb that comes standard with your spa for the NorthStar multi coloured LED light. This upgrade allows bathers to choose between a spectrum of colours to light up the spa. Users can toggle colours from Coast Spas main control panel. Includes the rotating colour setting (slowly changes between all colours automatically) and the strobe-light setting. 
NorthStar Vega Waterline LED Lighting 
LED lighting that runs around the waterline, illuminates waterfall and main control panel. Bathers can choose between a spectrum of colours to display from Coast Spas main control panel. Includes the rotating colour setting (slowly changes between all colours automatically) and the strobe-light setting. 

Purification Upgrades 

O3 One Advanced Plasma Discharge Ozone 
O3 One Advanced Plasma Discharge Ozone produces a higher concentration of ozone (more ppm) than an average ozone system. To remove microscopic organic contaminants you need an ozonator. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizers known today. Ozonators produces energetic oxygen or “ozone” that oxidizes foreign contaminants. 
Crystal Clear Ozone Contact Chamber 
An Ozone mixing chamber for increased ozone efficiency. The Crystal Clear Purification Chamber® gives ozone a longer period of time to penetrate organic materials while in their energetic state (before converting back to oxygen) thus drastically increasing its efficiency. 

Massage Boost Upgrades 

Air Blower with 18 Stainless Steel Air Injector Jets 
Heated Air Blower with 18 Stainless Steel Air Injector Jets 
Standard hot tub jets push out a combination of water and air that massages your body. Each jet has access to an air and water supply, the air supplied to the jet is drawn in by the moving water. When an air blower is installed on your Coast Spas hot tub, we connect the air supply lines to a powerful motor that pushes out a large volumes of air directly to the jets. Instead of relying on the jets to draw enough air, the forced air supply is fed into the jets and the result is a powerful, fast, oxygen rich stream of water capable of providing a deep tissue massage. With the air blower feature, you will also get an additional 18 SS jets installed in your hot tub. 
Handrail Waterfall 
A stunning low profile grab bar / hand rail that doubles as a beautiful waterfall. 
Aromatherapy Infusion System 
With a push of a button add a burst of fragrance into your hot tub. A large variety of spa scents are available to load into your hot tub Aromatherapy Injector. This new feature adds another dimension to your hot tub experience. 

Audio Upgrades 

PRV19 Bluetooth with 2 Wallmount Speakers 
Quickly connect any bluetooth audio device and get clear quality sound with the Prospec Bluetooth Stereo. Tune into AM/FM radio and control your audio easily with the large rubber-wrapped buttons. An illuminated screen provides all feedback information. Comes with two wallmount Speakers. 
Add 2 Wallmount Speakers 
Sleek low-profile flush mounted speakers. Marine-grade for high durability and quality. 

Insulation Upgrade 

Full Foam Insulation 
The best insulation period. The entire cavity is filled with expanding urethane foam, giving the ultimate in heat retention and protection for internal components. 

Cover Upgrades 

Designer Cover Colour Upgrade 
Your Patio Spa hot tub comes standard with an extremely energy efficient cover in a choice of two colours (Brown or Grey 4 x 2.5). These standard colours go well with nearly any spa colour combination. However if you care to pick a custom colour for your cover, to match patio furniture or simply to compliment your backyard oasis, Coast Spas gives you a choice of three additional colours. 
Grey (5 x 3) 
Brown (5 x 3) 
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