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Shell Acrylic Colours 

Coast Spas acrylic shells are formed using the finest Lucite Acrylics. Up to 12 layers of fibreglass are added to the construction giving one of the best hot tub shells on the market. 
Sterling Silver 
Pearl Shadow 
Snow White 
Storm Cloud 

Premium Acrylic Colours 

Premium Acrylic colours have the most stunning combination of colours designs. Like a fingerprint or snowflake, no two are alike. Get a hot tub that is 100% unique. 
Tuscan Sun 
Deep Waters 
Midnight Canyon 
Inca Gold 

Cabinet Options 

Coast Spas cabinet options offer a custom finish to your hot tub. Whether you want real cedar wood, wood effect plastic or a slate effect finish there is plenty of choice to fit into your surroundings.  
Chestnut Synthetic 
Unstained Cedar 
Grey Cedar 
Chestnut Synthetic with Carbon Fiber Corners 
Desert Sand Slate 
Grey Synthetic 
Clear Satin Cedar 
Black Cedar 
Grey Synthetic with Carbon Corners 
Mountain Grey Slate 
Black Synthetic 
Redwood Cedar 
Coastal Smoke with Carbon Fiber Corners 
Black Synthetic with Carbon Corners 
Obsidian Slate 
Stone Brown Slate 

Cover Options 

Coast Spas Sunstar cover use only virgin foam cores to save you money and provide you a stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient cover. 
The exclusive, proprietary plastic is more effective than what other manufacturers typically use. Sunstars specially formulated material reduces vapor transmission and still has the strength, flexibility, transparency, and seal-ability we require. Equally important is the perfect heat seal seam. Sunstar uses an impulse sealer that makes a perfect seam using the right combination of temperature, pressure, and timing. Unlike the less expensive hand-held sealing machines, all human variables are eliminated so your cover makes a perfect seal every time. 
Sunstar’s end pillow and full length heat seal are all specially designed to help save heat and prevent moisture loss for long-term energy savings. 
Sunstar meet the ASTM Safety Standard along with other manufacturers and we have gone a step further to be independently UL Classified. 
Briar Brown 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 
Ash 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 

Designer Cover Colour Upgrade 

Black 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 
Tan 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 
Rust 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 
Ostrich Skin 5 x 3 " Tapered Energy Saver Cover 


One of the most important functions of the hot tub is filtration. The performance of your filter will impact the water purity, clarity, chemical consumption and even the equipment inside the hot tub.  
Coast Spas have the most effective water filtration system on the market. This system is commercial grade, taking the filter cartridge out of the bathing area. This prevents contaminates from re-entering the water when the pumps are not running and while removing the cartridge for cleaning. This secures the integrity of your hot tub water so you can enjoy the benefits of clean, clear water within your hot tub.  
Filtration Systems 
Sliding Weir Door: Small and compact yet extremely efficient skimmer for the small compact hot tubs. 
50 sq.ft Pressurized Filtration: A compressed pressurised filtration system to accommodate compact hot tubs models. 
100 sq.ft Cyclonic Filtration: Commercial grade pressurised filtration for the clearest water. 
175 sq.ft Cyclonic Filtration: The industries largest and most efficient pressurized filtration.  
Skimmer within the spa sweeps away any debris from the surface of the water. 
Pressurized filtration housing lid with air vent. Housing the filter cartridge away from the bathing area. 
Cyclonic filtration in action, swirls the water through the filter to use 100% of the cartridge. 
Pleatco Microban filter cartridges are standard on all pressurized filtration systems. 
175 sq.ft filter cartridge and pressurized cyclonic filtration housing
100% water filtration from coast spas pressurized cyclonic filtration System. All of the water from the skimmer and suctions is dirrected thorough the filter housing. 

Coast Spas Water System Diagram 

ghgfggs Large Skimmer 
Refresh Button 
3" PVC Pipe 
Sweeper Jet 
Jet Pump 
03 One Plus Ozone Generator 
Commercial Grade Pressurized Filtration System  
03 One Ozone Generator 
Crystal clear  
Purification Chamber 
Ecoclean Salt Generator 
Mazzei Injector 
Spa Jets 
1. Water is taken into the system through the skimmer and suction ports. 
Coast Advantage: The refresh button activates filter cycle on demand and the sweeper jet blasts any debris, on the spa floor, up and into the skimmer and suction. Coast spas have large skimmers that move more water than the traditional designs. 
2. Working its way through the plumbing to the heater where it is instantly increased in temperature. 
Coast Advantage: The extra large 3" plumbing increases the amount of water supplied to the pump, heater, filtration and purification system. 
3. Water then travels to the spa pump where it is then powered through the rest of the system. 
Coast Advantage: Coast Spas have high horse power pumps that have been custom engineered to run on low speed during filtration cycles. 
4. Next the water travels through the filter cannister where particles smaller than the eye can see are captured. 
Coast Advantage: Exclusive pressurized commercial grade filtration with an available 175 sq.ft filter cartridge. By far the most advanced and effective filtration system available. 
5. The majority of the water now travels to the jets in the hot tub where it is mixed with air before delivering a generous massage to the bather. 
Coast Advantage: Coast Trillium jets give you a deep tissue massage simulation with strategically placed jets to maximise effectiveness. They are also adjustable by simply turning each jet to allow more or less water pressure. 
6. Some of the water travels to a mazzei injector which employs a venturi effect to draw ozone that is produced by the spas ozonator. 
Coast Advantage: Coast offers the O3 One Plus Ozonator which produces a higher concentration of ozone, further increasing the level of sanitation in your spa. 
7. Water then travels to the salt water generator (if installed) where electrodes connected to the regulator box constantly produces salt water. 
Coast Advantage: Our EcoClean salt water generator produces softer water that is gentle on sensitive skin, odour free and eco friendly. 
8. The ozone rich salt water now travels to an expansion chambers which increases the efficiency of the ozone. 
Coast Advantage: The Crystal Clear Purification Chamber boosts ozone efficiency. 
9. The water then exits though the drain in the bottom of your spa. 


O3 One Ozonator 
Injects ozone into your water and kills bacteria on contact. One of the most effective purification methods. The O3 One Plus Ozonator produces a higher concentration of ozone (more ppm) than the O3 One ozonator. 
Crystal Clear Purification Chamber 
Ozone mixing chamber for increased ozone efficiency. Give ozone increased access to organic materials while in their energetic state increasing it's efficiency. 
Ecoclean Salt Water System 
An eco-friendly alternative to using chlorine as a method of sanitizing your hot tub. The continuous generation of sodium chloride reduces the amount of sanitizers needed for operation. The water is softer so an ideal option for sensitive skin.  


9 Jets within the range to give even more hydrotherapy in the hot tub 
Luxury Stainless Steel Trillium Jets 
The variety of Luxury Trillium Jets are the most effective hydrotherapy massage jets available today, each capable of individual adjustment and sporting stylish designer stainless steel accents. The jet face is shaped perfectly to give an easy grip underwater and the internal construction has been engineered to reduce friction for effortless pressure adjustment. The robust threaded style of the jet ensures that these jets will remain firmly in place, allowing the pumps to push high volumes of water without the worry of them popping out of their housings. 
Luxury Jet arrangement  
Luxury Stainless Steel Jet Face  
Glo Jets working within the hot tub 
Stainless Steel Trillium Glo Jets 
Trillium Glo Jets use a clear plastic front to enable the LED light to shine through from the housing. These jets also offer the same great massage effect as the standard Trillium Jets but also illuminate the water to enhance your experience. 
Close up of Glo Jet 
Appearance underwater 
NEW Coast Connect™Lit Waterfall Table 
The Coast Connect™ Lit Waterfall Table instantly connects to any Coast Spas Hot Tub equipped with the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting. This beautiful frosted table has an incredible 360 degree adjustable waterfall that falls from under the outer lip of the table and is vibrantly *lit with a multicolour LED light originating at the stem of the table. 
Take your hot tub experience to the next level with the convenience of a 12.5" table in the middle of your hot tub. The textured surface and raised outer lip keeps objects placed on the surface from ending up in your spa. Perfect for drinks, snacks, card games and more. Make sure you ask for your new Coast Spas hot tub to be equipped with the Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting, this innovative addition to your hot tub will allow you to swap Coast Connect™ Accessories providing you with the ability to customize your hot tub on-the-fly to suit any occasion. 
Variable Speed Massage 
We are pleased to introduce a brand new way to get more from your hydrotherapy experience. Our variable speed pump system allows you to select your desired level of massage strength. With the touch of a button you can increase (or decrease) your massage intensity at any time. 
Press the “Wave” button to activate an automatic massage setting where the hydrotherapy jet power slowly varies allowing you to sit back and relax as your muscles are relieved from built up stress and tension. 
Since you are in control, you will be guaranteed to get exactly what you want from your variable speed massage therapy seat. Ask for this option to be installed on your Coast Spas hot tub. 
Coast Spas has launched the AquaSole Massage System, specifically targeting the feet. Consisting of two large “foot massage” jets in the footwell of many of the spa models, the AquaSole Massage jets are designed to provide gentle and rhythmic massage from the top of the toes through the arch and to the bottom of the heel. The user simply presses their feet against these jets and the swirling water action works on all the areas of the feet. Meanwhile the powerful high-flow volcano jet aims to give a totally different but complementary massage. 
The two different jets and hydrotherapy pattern are designed to work together as an integrated system to rejuvenate tired and sore feet. All jets are adjustable, and water can be channelled as required by Coast Spas’ water diversion controller. Feet are connected to all other areas of the human body through muscle and nerve endings, and that massaging them can have positive affects in many different areas and help with pain relief, anxiety and tiredness/soreness. 
Benefits of the MicroSilk® System 
•Removes impurities from pores 
•Leaves your skin silky smooth 
•Plumps and hydrates skin 
•Energizes skin cells 
•Kills bacteria 
•Promotes tissue healing 
•Improves serotonin levels 
MicroSilk® is a revolutionary skin treatment system that uses oxygen to stimulate collagen production in your skin. Your skin’s natural collagen production gradually subsides as you age. This reduction in collagen levels leads to the thinning of your skin which causes fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of age spots. 
Exposing your skin to MicroSilk® for just 20 minutes a day will re-stimulate collagen levels leaving your skin looking smooth and beautiful and removing years from your appearance. 
The MicroSilk® Pro System from Coast Spas combines the age-defying MicroSilk® system with our commercial-grade pressurized filtration system, keeping your water clean and clear for your daily beauty routine. 


Coast Spas has led the hot tub industry in audio and video entertainment since they were the very first to install a stereo and TV onto a spa. After a decade of perfecting the combination of technology and hydrotherapy, they now offer a wide range of audio and video packages to choose from, including, Retractable Televisions and Speakers, MP3 Docking Stations, CD and DVD Players. Also Available is the Bluetooth Stereo System that allows you to talk hands-free in your hot tub using the speakers and installed microphone. Subwoofer options are available to enhance the sound experience within your hot tub. 
A full option of lighting is available for that extra mood setting in your hot tub. These include, Perimeter / Waterline LED lighting, Holographic Cabinet Lighting, Exterior Cabinet lighting, Lit Valves and Glo Jets. Options availability depends on model and some options are only available with certain specs. See video to show lighting options.  
Retractable LED Stainless steel speaker 
MP3 Docking Staition 
Retractable Spaeaker 
Retractable LED Speaker 
Aquatic Grade LCD TV 
Flush Mount Stainless Steeel Speaker 


Control Your Hot Tub From Your Smartphone 
Adjust the water temperature, set filter cycles, activate jets, lights on and off and even sync your spa clock with the touch of a button. This innovative application gives remote control of your Coast Spa via your device. Wifi network required for use of this application and Ipod app module option required. 
Operation Within The Spa Water 
Remote Control 
The remote ready feature allow the addition of a waterproof remote to be used to control the fuctions of the hot tub. Sit back relax and keep your shoulders under the water while you stay in full control of your hydrotherapy. This is the best in spa control option as the remote floats and is 100% waterproof, unlike any portable device or smartphone. 
Floats On The Water So It Always At Hand 
Elite Topside  
Control Panel  
Luxury Topside Control Panel Colour LCD Touch Screen 
Exclusive Refesh Button 
Press And Refresh 
Remote Sensor Fitted to Hot Tub Shell 


Coast Spas use energy efficient pump motors. These use as little as 1 amp of power on filtration and heating cycles. 
The Cyclonic Filtration provides the most efficient filtration in todays hot tub industry. This results in shorter overall running time and reduces power consumption. 
A wide range of insulation options are available. Full foam insulation is available on most Coast Spas models to maximize heat retention and minimize power consuption. Full foam also helps support the pipe work within the hot tub. 
Each hot tub model has its own Sunstar custom designed insulating cover. These reduce heat and moisture loss. Energy saving baffles, at the centre seam, seal your cover to keep the heat in. 
The control panels allow you to run you hot tub in Economy mode which will only heat the water during filtration cycles. This reduces the running cost for people who do not use their hot tub on a regular basis but still protect the water from freezing in harsh conditions. 
Energy Efficient Pumps 
Full Foam Insulation Option 
Sunstar Insulating Hot Tub Cover 
Cyclonic Filtration  

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