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Ricol Leisure - Gallery 

The very popular Coast Spa Seabreeze being installed in a tricky position in a garden in Maiden Newton. The customer said 'All very happy - great team added to the whole experience - a stress free installation!!'. 
A beautifully coloured Coast Spas Omega Elite 50 situated on a raised patio. This has waterline LED lighting which will look lovely in the evening. Another very happy customer! 
A Coast Spas Northwind Omega 30 being craned into a garden in Broadmayne. Looks fabulous with the Spa Umbrella which was supplied and fitted by us. 
A Coast Spa Seabreeze being craned over a three storey townhouse in Weymouth. This tub is ideal for small gardens or existing decking or patio areas. 
Coast Spas, Patio Series Aruba being delivered to a customer just outside Dorchester. With our dedicated team and the expertize of Kiel from Fitzy Lifting we got the hot tub onto the newly landscaped garden.  
North Wind NWV 44 installed into a customers garden near Exmouth. The Waterline LED lighting looked stunning in the early evening and the 50 sq ft pressurized filtration should keep the water looking crystal clear for many weeks to come. 
North Wind Hot Tubs, Quest. We installed this hot tub in the Salisbury area. A Special Edition spa that looked great on the patio area. 
Coast Spas, Cascade II. Pride of place in our showroom at Weymouth. This is the 51 jet Elite spec with sound and LED lighting upgrade.  
Ricol Leisure going out for a delivery of a hot tub. The Land Rover pulling our spa dolly which enables the spa to be delivered on its side. 
Coast Spas, Zenith. For this delivery we had to use a crane to lift the hot tub over the house and lower it to its location. 
Coast Spas, Zenith. Precision is used to make sure the hot tub is lowered into the correct position.  
Coast Spas, Cascade III. We had this hot tub running at one of the shows we attended. It pulled in the crowds with its unique features. 
Coast Spas, Patio Series, Seabreeze. Delivered and working in Weymouth. A perfect round hot tub for a small patio or decking area. 
Removal of an Evolution 2 hot tub. The customer upgraded to Coast Spas, Radiance Curve (Elite 56).  
Coast Spas, Radiance Curve, (Elite 56). The Customers were very happy with their upgrade. This spa looked really good in its location. 
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